How to create a derived custom model

Sam van de Kreeke

Published: 30-10-2019

Last updated: 27-08-2020

In this HowTo we'll show you how you can build your front end forms a lot quicker using derived custom models. This HowTo starts on the point where there already is a GET endpoint which holds a form for creating a new person (firstname and lastname) and a Person model in your datamodel.

  1. Create a POST endpoint
  2. Add a custom model input variable. Choose for a new custom model, based on your Person model.
  3. Add the firstname and lastname properties to your new custom model.
  4. In the endpoint's action, create a new person by connecting your custom model's properties to the properties of a new Person. (Don't forget to redirect properly)
  5. Test your custom model by filling in your form. You can see a new person has been added to your back-office
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