How to create a partial in the Page Builder

In this tutorial, you’ll learn all about creating partials within the Page Builder.

Jip Volkers

Published: 16-09-2020

Last updated: 16-09-2020

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Partials are a collection of multiple components. Created partials can be used on multiple pages.


Before we can start using partials, we’ll first have to create or use an already existing page within your application. Open the Page Builder page and add some components to your page.

Partial overview

Now that we have a page with some components present, we can create a partial.

In order to create a partial you’ll need to select the parent component that you want to create a partial of. Click on the ‘Convert to partial’ button located in the bottom left corner of the component options tab. Next you’ll want to enter a name for your partial.
Click the ‘Save’ button to save your partial.

You can now find the newly created partial within the partial tab of your application and drag and drop it onto your canvas like a normal component!

Feel free to check out our tutorial on how to edit and delete partials: How to edit/delete partials in the Page Builder!

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