How to manage your Blocks

Robert van Boesschoten

Published: 30-10-2019

Last updated: 27-08-2020

Great, you just created your own Block for the first time, released it and used it again in a different application. Pretty awesome, right?
But after a week or 2 you realize you need some new features and want to include them in the Block you made earlier. In this article you will learn how to do this!

Managing Blocks

As this article will explain different aspects of managing Blocks, we'll start out on the Block itself in our overview. Go to the Blocks Store and select My Blocks in the dropdown menu in the top left corner. Click the Block you need and it should look something like the following image.

The green marker indicates the Block is released according to its latest configuration. Everything that's included within the Block is in the same state in its origin application.

Adding a new component to Blocks

We're going to add a new endpoint to our Example API. In the Block information part you can see in which application changes can be applied. After creating the new endpoint, click on the Create Block button on the webservice.

Select Add to existing Block and search for the Block you're working with.

After you've clicked Add to existing Block, the modal will close and the green success notification will show. Click Go to Block and see the newly added webservice.

Releasing the Block, again

When viewing the Block, you'll see the newly added features. You may also notice that the This Block is released and there are no changes inside this Block is replaced with This Block is unreleased notification. You'll have to release the Block again to see the new features in other application than the one you created it in.

Deleting the Block

Sometimes a Block becomes irrelevant or you and the Block have grown apart. As in any broken relation, you go your own way. No worries, just delete the Block by clicking Edit in the top right corner and then click Delete in the bottom left corner.You deserve way better anyway!

So that's about anything you need to know about managing your Blocks! In case you have questions or feedback on this, hit us up through the chat icon in the bottom right corner!


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