How to create your own Block

Robert van Boesschoten

Published: 30-10-2019

Last updated: 27-08-2020

While the Block Store provides all kinds of different Blocks we have created for you, you can also create your own! In case e.g. a webservice you are using in all of your applications is not available as a default Block, it is easy to create it yourself.In this example we'll be using a simple webservice without a real purpose, but it will show exactly what you need to know.

Create a webservice

Start by creating a webservice. After the webservice is saved, a Block button appears in the bottom left corner of the tab.

Create new Block

When clicking the button, a modal appears with two options; Create new Block or Add to existing Block. In this tutorial we will be focussing on creating new Blocks.

Above you can see how we entered a name for our new Block and below you can see the confirmation when the Block is created. It even has a button which directs you to your new Block. Let's go!

Completing new Block

So now we are in our new Block, but you'll notice immediately that our Block is unreleased. This means you won't see it in any other application you own until you release it. 

Before we are releasing this Block, let's complete it by adding some optional information like a short/long description, whether it's available only for you or for different organizations and even a logo. How cool is that?!

The part Inside this Block shows which components are included in the Block. As we only created a simple webservice, there is just 1 component in there.

The part Block information shows where the Block can be found. By default, this is set to Me. Logically, only you can view the Block and reuse it in other applications.By setting it to Organizations the Block is also available for developers in Organization you added in that field. This can especially be handy when working in teams on projects.

Releasing new Block

We finally got to the point where we get to release the Block!
Just click Release and let the magic happen. Depending on how much is included in your Block, this may take from 2 seconds to a minute.When it's done, you'll see the confirmation your Block is released.

So that's all! In this article you learned how to promote your own webservice to a Block and release for yourself or Organizations you want to share it with!


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