How to apply grouping in filters

Robert van Boesschoten

Published: 23-10-2019

Last updated: 27-08-2020

You can create complex filters by grouping certain conditions together in an AND/OR construction.

Each row you add to a filter contains a condition which is used to filter data. Multiple rows can be joined together with an `AND` so that condition A `AND` B must be true for a record to turn up. But you can also use an `OR` so that A `OR` B has to be true for a record to turn up. You can group rows together to make this more complex.

  1. Let’s start with creating a grid filter.
  2. After creating the new filter, add a condition to your first condition row. 
  3. To use grouped rows, we will need multiple condition rows. You can add a new condition row by clicking on the Add condition row button.
  4. A new condition row will appear where you can create another condition that you data has to meet.
  5. Between the 2 condition rows there is an `AND`/`OR`  section; this section is called a conjunction. In the conjunction, you can declare if you want both conditions to be true with `AND`, or that either one of the conditions has to be true with `OR`. Let’s choose `AND` for now. 

Now we have a filter that uses 2 condition rows, but what if we need a filter with even more condition rows? That is possible, but there is a catch. The conjunctions need to be the same within a group, and this is where grouping comes into play. Let’s continue with the filter that we have just created.

  1. Create a new condition row and set the condition. The new conjunction of the condition rows will be set to `AND`. When trying to change this to `OR` the other conjunction will also change to `OR`. We can fix this by grouping our condition rows. 
  2. Select the 2 bottom condition rows. You can do this by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the condition row. 
  3. Click on the Group rows button to group the 2 condition rows together.
  4. With the new condition group we can change the conjunction of our group to `OR` without having to worry about the other conjunction changing too!

We have created a simple grouped filter with multiple condition rows. You can make these filters as complex as you want them to be.


We have conditions rows AB and C with the following cases:

All must be true so: A `AND` B `AND` C

At least one must be true: A `OR` B `OR` C

A must be true, or B and C must both be true: A `OR` (B `AND` C)

A or B must both be true, or C and D must both be true, and E or F must both be true: (A `AND` B) `OR` (C `AND` D `AND` (E `OR` F) )

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