How to use the zip action

Sam van de Kreeke

Published: 26-09-2019

Last updated: 27-08-2020

Sharing files with others and sending them to other applications can be an important part of your business. To optimize these processes and save storage space, it's good practice to compress files. Instead of sending 10 separate files, sending 1 compiled file is faster and reduces filesize.

Zip event

A zipped file is a compressed version of a file. Only File properties and Multi file properties can be zipped. You can pick the Zip event when building your action. This will allow you to zip and unzip files in your application.

Zipping files

You can zip files from (multi)file properties. The created zip will be available in the action as variable and can be saved later using a create or update event.

Unzipping files

You can unzip a file from a file property to a (multi)file property. You'll have to set the operation to Unzip.


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