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Robert van Boesschoten

Published: 17-10-2019

Last updated: 17-10-2019

Why a forum?

We are seeing that more and more knowledge is being shared between users of the platform. We want to save this knowledge in a place that is accessible and searchable for everyone.

How does the forum work?

Whenever you have a question to which you can't find the answer you can create a topic on the forum asking for answers. You can find the forum on You give the topic a title, description and a few tags describing your question.

What kind of questions?

You can ask all non-app specific questions on the forum. If you encounter a problem in your app that only affects your application you can use intercom to start a conversation with our support.


The language used on the forum is English. If you still want to ask the question in another language place a translation underneath.


You can find a bookmark icon on each topic in the upper right corner. You can bookmark topics to get an email when there is activity on the topic. You are automatically bookmarked to your own topics. You can view your bookmarked topics on your profile. 


You can vote on topics and answers. Upvote helpful or interesting posts and downvote posts that are not relevant. This will help other users filter useful information from the forum more quickly.

Best answer

A topic can have a best answer. This best answer can be assigned by the topic creator or by one of the admins by clicking the thumb next to the answer. This has to be an answer which answers the question to its fullest.


You can create a new topic by clicking new topic on the home page. Please check if your question hasn't been asked before on the forum before posting it. Topics should not contain app specific problems. These should be asked through the Intercom chat.


Admins can be recognized by the admin tag. Admins can set best answers, close topics and moderate the forum.

Search, filter and sort

You can search using the searchbar on the top of the page. Click a tag to filter out posts that contain this tag. You can sort topics by activity, creation date, votes and views. You can also sort answers by votes or creation date.


Your Betty Blocks account is linked to your forum account. You can update your forum account by going to your profile and clicking the pencil icon. We generated unique nicknames, you can change your nickname if you don't like it on your profile page as well.

In this article


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