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Learn what each setting in the Datamodel interface does.

Robert van Boesschoten

Published: 27-09-2019

Last updated: 11-02-2020

The data model is where your application stores all its information. A single model represents a part of this. 

When you start making a new application you will automatically have two models: Role and User. To avoid inconsistencies in the application, it's not recommended to make any changes to the user model! 

General settings

When first opening the Datamodel interface, you'll see 4 buttons at top:

  • + New
  • Questionmark [?]
  • Listview  
  • Modelview 

+ New 

By clicking on this button you can add a new model to your application.

Questionmark [?]

By clicking this button, a new panel pops-up. This panel will present an instruction video on “How to create models”.


With the Listview button, you can display your application’s datamodel as a list. This view is loaded faster than the Modelview. When a Datamodel contains a large number of models, this option is presented to the user to avoid long loading times. When selected, the button will be highlighted in blue.


Available after: Listview is selected.
When you have a long listing of models you can fill in the name (or part of the help-text) of a single model you are looking for. After hitting the enter button the result of your search will appear in your list. 


With the Modelview button, you can display your application’s datamodel as a visual overview, including all relations. This view is loaded slower than the Listview.
The Modelview displays a visual capture of the current models.

Model relations toggle

Available after: Modelview is selected.
By clicking the button on the right of a model, you can see all directly related models of this particular model.

Quick edit a property or relation

Available after: Modelview is selected.
By clicking directly on a models property or relation, you directly jump to the edit screen for this property or relation. 

Add [New property...]

Available after: Modelview is selected.
Scroll all the way down in the property preview to see this button. By clicking on the button, you can directly create a new property on the model.

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