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Jip Volkers

Published: 16-10-2019

Last updated: 16-10-2019

Importing is a handy feature that can be used in the Betty Blocks Back Office. With this feature it is possible to transfer large amounts of data to an application. The Import function can be accessed within a grid by clicking on the Import button. Importing is only possible when this is enabled in the model settings. 

Import options

Select file: By clicking on this button the file browser of your operating system will be opened. In your file browser, you can choose an import file that you want to use to import your data. Only Excel and CSV types are supported to use for import. You can also drag and drop an import file into the container to upload it.
Cancel: By clicking on this button the import will be canceled.
Next: By clicking on the Next button the import file will be loaded and a new modal will pop up. Note that this button is only visible if an import file has been selected. 

Preview: Within the preview, you can see a small portion of the data you will be importing. You can check here to see if the import data has been uploaded correctly.
Predefined: In this drop-down, you can select a previously saved import definition.
Specify path: By clicking on this link the Model browser modal will pop up. In this modal, you can choose the property that belongs to the column name.
Deduplicate: This option can be enabled if there is data in your import file that already exists in your application. The data will be compared based on the property that the deduplicate option is enabled on. If that value already exists in the application then the data of that object won't be imported in your application. Make sure that this is a unique value like an id.
Update: When using the deduplicate option you can choose to update properties with the data of your import. The values of the properties that the update option is enabled on will be updated when an object doesn't get imported because of deduplication.
Cancel: By clicking on this button the import will be canceled.
Name: When the save definition option is enabled, this text field will appear. In this text field, you can set the name that you want to save the import definition as.
Save definition: By enabling this setting the import definition will be saved so you can use it at the Predefined dropdown next time you import to that grid.
Next: By clicking on the Next button the import will be started.

Import event

An import can also be implemented into actions. You can create an import event to import records from a file that is saved in your application. The import definition has to be created before creating the action. If you want to know more about each input field of the import action you can take a look at this article: Action Event Reference

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