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Jip Volkers

Published: 16-10-2019

Last updated: 16-10-2019

With the Export feature you can save you application data externally or transfer the data to another application. Exporting will create a file which contains all the data of the model that the export was made of. This article will explain all settings and buttons that you will come across when creating an export.

Export configurations

Create new property: By clicking on the plus `+` button on the header, you can create a new property directly on the chosen model.
Add property: By clicking on the plus `+` icon next to a property, the specific property will be added to the export definition list.
Edit property: By clicking on the pencil icon while hovering over the specific property, a new window will pop up. Here you can edit this specific property.
Add all properties: By clicking on the Add all properties button, all existing properties of the chosen model will be added to the export definition.
Remove property: By clicking on the remove icon while hovering over a specific property, the property will be removed from the export tab.
Gear: By clicking on the gear icon, the modal will expand and show setting options for composing an export definition.
Save and export: Saves the properties that you have chosen to export, and exports the properties you have chosen to an Excel or CSV file. The export name will be available to choose within the export dropdown.
Export: Export the properties you have chosen to an Excel or CSV file.
File type: Choose between an Excel of CSV file type.
Group records: By selecting this option, records with relations will only be output once into the exports. Records with more than 1 relation will only have 1 relation in the export. This can be useful if you need to have unique values in the export table.
Include headers: By selecting this option the column names, set in the export definition, will be included in the export table.
Quote values: By selecting this option values are put between quotes `"value"`  when exporting.
Export name: Here you can add the name that you want your export to be saved as.

Export event

It is also possible to export your data with actions. An export event can be created to export your data from your application. This can be used to make daily or weekly exports from your application data. More about each text field of the export action is explained in this article: Action Event Reference

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