Building your first application

Building your first application

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This course is a great place to start if you've never used Betty Blocks before. Are you new to application development? No worries, we have plenty of tutorials covering the basics to help you get up and running.

This course includes...

Videos that explain what things are, how they work in Betty Blocks and specific assignments so you can put your new skills to practice straight away. In short, during this course you'll learn:

  • How to set up your application
  • What data models are and how to create them
  • What views are and how to create them
  • What actions are and how to create them

At the end of this course...

You've built your own task management application, and you're ready to bring your ideas to life.

Ready to get started?

All you need is:

  • A computer or laptop

  • Chrome or Safari browser

  • Betty Blocks account

  • Coffee or tea


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1. A basic Data Model

Watch the videos of this chapter again if you're not sure what to add in the Data Model

Each step in this chapter showed you how to build up your Data Model. Before continuing with the next chapter, make sure you have:

2. Generate a Back Office interface for your application

Generate your own Back Office interface in your application, based on the Models created earlier. After building the views, make sure to add some records for each model.

3. Create a filter and add search functionality

You've seen how Jip added filters and search functionality to his app, now you can do it in yours.

4. Send a task overview mail and create task on project

Use an '' email when sending the mail to prevent the 'unassigned' error

Knowing how to work with some basic action events, it's time to do it yourself. Jip will show you what to do.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I follow this course without knowledge of Betty Blocks?

Yes, you can! The course is divided in chapters, where each chapter touches an aspect of the platform. It starts off easy so you can get the basics under control.

Do I need a Betty Blocks account to follow the course?

Yes, you do. Each chapter is concluded with an assignment. You'll need a Betty Blocks account so you can build in your own app.

Am I restricted to a learning environment when following this course?

No, you're not. You can follow the course, build the assignments in your own app and use it for whatever goal you have. Feel free to continue building on your app after finishing the course.

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13 videos




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