Actions explained

Actions explained

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One of the core strengths of a platform like Betty Blocks is to easily implement automated processes, empowering your users through complex actions. Wether you need a simple calculation or entire business flows, it's possible with Actions. Before you can dance with the greats, let's start off easy. 

This course includes...

Videos that explain what things are, how they work in Betty Blocks and specific assignments so you can put your new skills to practice straight away. In short, during this course you'll learn:

  • How to create an action
  • How to add events targeting Flow control
  • How to add events targeting Data control
  • How to generate pdf documents and store files in an archive

At the end of this course...

You've built a process through multiple actions to generate pdf documents.

Ready to get started?

All you need is:

  • A computer or laptop

  • Chrome or Safari browser

  • Betty Blocks account

  • Coffee or tea


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1. Implementing basic flow control events

After seeing how you can affect the way an action advances through conditions, loops and subactions, it's up to you to use it for your own action.

2. Implementing basic data control events

Jip showed you how to use CRUD events to manipulate data. In this assignment, you are doing this yourself to continue on the action created in the previous assignment.

3. Capturing data in pdf and zip files

Make sure the template matches your data model's naming

With the previous videos, you learned some basics on how to generate documents and archive files. This assignment will test if you got everything, so watch Jip's summary and work on the tasks below.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I follow this course without knowledge of Betty Blocks?

Yes, you can! The course is divided in chapters, where each chapter touches an aspect of the platform. It starts off easy so you can get the basics under control.

Do I need a Betty Blocks account to follow the course?

Yes, you do. Each chapter is concluded with an assignment. You'll need a Betty Blocks account so you can build in your own app.

Am I restricted to a learning environment when following this course?

No, you're not. You can follow the course, build the assignments in your own app and use it for whatever goal you have. Feel free to continue building on your app after finishing the course.

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7 videos




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