Build your first integration

Build your first integration

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Building an integration is fun, educating and rewarding. By integrating other tools and applications with your own, you can exchange data and include new features. Although each integration is different, building them in Betty Blocks often centers around the same tool: Web services. 

This course includes...

Videos that explain what things are, how they work in Betty Blocks and specific assignments so you can put your new skills to practice straight away. In short, during this course you'll learn:

  • How to set up basic authentication 
  • What web services are and how to create them
  • What requests and responses are
  • How web services are used in actions

At the end of this course...

You've built your first integration, gained knowledge about web services and ready to start on integrating tools of your choice.

Ready to get started?

All you need is:

  • A computer or laptop

  • Chrome or Safari browser

  • Betty Blocks account

  • Coffee or tea

Note: This course uses an external service (API). Unannounced changes to their service are possible. We'll try to edit the course as soon as possible should this happen. Let us know if you experience this!


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1. Creating a web service and authentication

Now you got a bit of know-how on web services, let's start off easy. Listen to Jip and take a look at the requirements below.

Postman Echo docs: Basic Authentication

2. Retrieving data through GET endpoints

Time to get some actual data! See how it's done in the video and try it out for yourself.

Postman Echo docs: GET Requests

3. Sending data through POST endpoints

We're moving on to sending data. As if we're sending a letter, we're getting information out there.

Postman Echo docs: POST Requests

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8 videos




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